Monday, June 6, 2011

Not into Bible studies? How about an online one?

I just got done reviewing a book from a Blogging for Books program and got to select my next title. I chose "Every Single Woman's Battle"   Color me EXCITED =)

See, I am part of a really active Christian Singles message board and through that, have met tons of really amazing single women that are struggling with the same things I do. Part of that community is Bible studies and if after I read through this book and I find it helpful, I'm hoping to start a Book Review club on the message board and include the title as one we discuss.

My point of this post is that if you are not able or just don't feel comfortable joining a Bible study IRL (In Real Life) then I encourage you to find an online community where you can participate. No man (or woman) is an island and we all need encouragement and to get our butts kicked sometimes =)

There are a million online places where you could find a good Bible study, just Google it and off you go to explore new friendships and Biblical truths. Who knows? Maybe there are people out there who need YOUR perspective and challenges to help them out. Do you really want to be responsible for stunting their spiritual growth?!?! 

Just kidding. Go enjoy. You'll love it. And if you don't, you can come back here and have the satisfaction of proving me wrong LOL

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