Sunday, June 19, 2011

Challenge #9- Make a list

The #9 challenge from The Blogging Game was to make a list, any kind of list.

So I decided to list out my favorite websites.

1. ModCloth~ this site sells unique and quirky clothes along with some cool vintage-esque apartment stuff. My favorite things to peruse are the dresses. They add more daily so you can always go one there and ohhh and ahhhh over the beautiful clothes. I recently bought this dress from there.

2. ChristianForums~ epic message board community. There is a place for everyone and it can get quite addicting

3. FaceBook~ what better way to share your photos and snippets of your life with family and friends?

4. DuelBoard~ I play Rook online as I can't find enough friends who love it like I do to play in real life LOL

5. Blogger~ do I even need to explain this one?

6. Craigslist~ whether I am looking for a camera, a new job, or end tables or indulging in my secret pleasure of reading the "missed connections" ads, there is always something to entertain me on CL

7. YahooMail~ this may not be a favorite but I am on it a lot. I have 6 email accounts I keep up with. Which is about 5 too many in my opinion but with multiple jobs, spam, personal and fun stuff going on in my life, I needed to keep them separate as far as email goes.

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