Friday, June 10, 2011

I've accepted Challenge #1 from TheBloggingGame

There is a blog called The Blogging Game where it issues daily challenges of ideas for your blog to cover. Challenge #1 is to create your own idea of a keyboard.

I use mostly laptops for "fun" stuff. I mean, sometimes I sneak on at work.... (Ok, for real I do it out in the open and in front of my boss) and blog which means I get to use the Love Of My Life- Henry, my work PC <3  He has a full keyboard. But I am getting off track.

Anyway, for my personal use I have 3 laptops. I use them all at different times and for different things. But my point being that my perfect keyboard would be on a laptop. Which cuts down on the space of what I could include.

I think the first thing I would get rid of would be all the F keys. Hahaha, no, not the F word keys but all those useless keys of F1, F2, F3 etc. I know what they do but I don't use them. I would instead replace them with emoticons, a good basic emoticons list would be these:

Can't you picture how useful having quick keys for these expressions would be?

So then after that I would move onto these wonderfully useless keys on my righthand top of the keyboard that have things like "insert" "delete" "home" "end" "PgUp" "PgDn"- all of which I don't use. Those would be changed to shortcut keys for popular programs on my system. Like, you would be able to set them up to quickly open whatever program you desired. For me it would open to Word, InterVideo, YWriter5, Skype and ApprovedWorkmen. All of these are ones I use often. Another nice feature maybe would be once the program was open you could also close it with the key.

After that, I think I would go for a less... boring look. I like color. My bedroom and bathroom are painted a bright golden yellow. I love jewel tones and mixing fun bright stuff together. So my keyboard would be a reflection of that, possible using this as the keys background:

(A friend on my message board sent me this picture and I fell in love with it)

So that is a walk through of what my perfect keyboard would be. Want to try this challenge out? Visit the blog and link your post back so others can check out what you came up with =)

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