Saturday, March 19, 2011

So, on Sunday I watched the movie The Island (Ewen McGregor, Scarlette Johannason) and I couldn't help but think of all the parallels to abortion the movie had in it. No I am not crazy, but I am going to pull a move one of my brother's used to do and make a movie into a preaching lesson.
The basic premise of the movie was thousands of clones were being made in the giant under ground place. The clones were meant for "real" people as insurance policies in case some part of their body would no longer function, they would then use their clone to get exact match body parts and then kill the clone. This also applies to a woman who can't get pregnant (or doesn't want to live through 9 months of being pregnant) she would have her clone carry the baby and then the clone gets killed. In the movie, it was supposed to be this big secret that the clones were actually living beings and theh clones themselves had no idea. They were given a fake story and were happily going along living in a very healthy prison like setting. Then two clones found out about the whole thing, escaped and are on the loose being chased and thats the movie in a nutshell. Lots more to it, good movie, you should see it if you haven't yet.

So, what hit me about tying in Abortion to this movie was when the clones were talking to a "real" person who knew about everything and the guy was explaining everything to them.
The clone were kept in a controlled and very limited enviorment. What they ate, drank, did and actually felt were monitored and controlled outside of themselves. Alot like a baby in a womb. Their life depended upon the whims and descisions of their Sponsors (the "real" them), again, just like a baby in the womb.
The movie gave the premise that the clones had a right to live, not just as backup body parts, but as real human beings. Regardless if they were created, not born. Regardless if they were previously not allowed to actually "live" like normal people. And regardless if they were placing the lives and well being of their sponsors at risk by staying alive. Just like a baby in the womb.

So what seperates a clone from a baby in the womb to our society today? A single breath outside of a protected enviorment. Thats it, one breath and all of a sudden "Look, the mass of flesh, blood and bones is a baby and not a disposable fetus any more!!!"

Most people would argue that the movie is correct, the clones did have the right to life. Then most people would turn around and say "nope, its in a woman's body and has no rights to life, go ahead and kill it".
Do you know what I find tragic? Its illegal to willfully amputee a healthy part of your body. Many people experience the sensation of feeling ugly or less than perfect if they have two legs or two arms or something like that. They are considered to have a mental health issue. Yet woman who get pregnant and they know what that means, that a child is growing inside them, are allowed and encouraged to kill it if they want to. The desire to kill a life inside of you in a grusome and disturbing way is not considered a mental health issue, but a woman's right to choose what she does to her body.

So don't cut your wrists, don't amputee anything and do not starve or eat yourself into an unacceptable state. After all, those are signs of mental health issues and should be treated as such. But by all means get an abortion and have the child that at just 10 weeks has a heart beat, has a gender, all its arms, legs, toes and fingers are there, and it can smile. Ignore that, go to the doctor, have them suck its brain out or inject a drug that will slowly make it wither and die. The go back to life. After all, choosing to have an abortion is not a mental health issue. It's ok.
*sarcastic tone off*

I truly sympathize with the young girls and woman all over the world that choose abortion. I do not sympathize and its a "all gloves off" attitude toward abortion advocates and pro-choice people. I can understand facing a seemingly impossible and terrifying situation and having to choose between making the "easy and quick" choice or the harder, more "inconveinent" choice. I do not however, understand advocating for the killing of a child. A child who should have the right to live and not just be seen as a parcel of cells that one can vacuum from their body like dirt on carpet.

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