Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lists of the lists you've listed

Lists. Everyone makes them at some point. We have lists for:
-Bucket lists
-Lists of lists we have =)

I personally have a book I keep by my desk called "Listography" that when I am surfing the web, I will take a minute to fill in a new list. It's is a book that each page has a header of a question, for instance, I am going to open it up right now and... the next blank one I will fill out will be "List Your Biggest Pet Peeves". I may need more than one page for that one *snicker*

I also use an online website to create lists. Because I like lists. It keeps me organized but also gives me something to look back at, that is concrete, that I can point to and say " I did such and such"

For me, I need to know what I am going to do and what I have done. Heck, some weeks, just crossing off 'Did laundry' or 'Bought toilet paper' is an accomplishment that keeps me going that the week wasn't a total failure. I think lists are often about an inner need to control as much as they are a practical way to keep focused. Writing down goals, writing down needs, writing down accomplishments or memories. It feels good. It's something tangible that reminds you that where you are at right now is not where you have been or where you will stop.

And sometimes, that is the only nudge we need to get things done. One little line written on scrap paper, taped to my laptop telling me "Wash towels DO NOT FALL BACK ON USING WASHCLOTHS"

So now I am off to do my laundry so I can cross that item off my list. Do you think it counts if I wash the towels but don't dry them? I think it does.

Ps. Want a Listography book of your own? Go here:

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