Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thunder Dog *book review*

 9/11 is my generations Kennedy Assasination. Its a day most of us will never forget and there are endless stories of where you were when the planes hit the Two Towers. When I saw this book pop up as a review option, I grabbed it. I have a sister who loves animals and was a professional dog trainer so not only did I want to read it, I am planning on passing this onto her as well. Admittedly, I might do it as a Christmas gift ;)

This book is about, well, its right in the subtitle "The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog & the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero."

The story is told in a good paced way of Michael and Roselle's escape down 78 flights and then through the streets of NY being surrounded by the debris and dust. But it doesn't just cover that one day, it also takes you back to when Michael was born and the story of his life being blind from infant to how he grew up with a "find adventure" mindset.

This is one book that will make you cheer for not only Michael but his dog as well. I am not a pet lover but I do enjoy the bond that an animal and a human can have together.

*I recieved this book free from BookSneeze in exchange for writing an honest review*


  1. Through Michael's story we learn about the bond between a blind person and their guide dog. Roselle is a special dog and was able to keep her focus and concentrate on guiding her master down 78 flights of stairs and through the streets of New York filled with debris and a monstrous toxin filled dust cloud that pursued survivors running from the World Trade Center.

  2. This book is a thumbs up for inspiring not only the blind, but sited to chase your dreams and never let others tell you what you can and can't do. Michael's story is one that will inspire generations to come. Throughout the book, Michael eludes to their being a higher purpose to his life besides being blind. The trust that Michael and Roselle have for one another parallels the trust that we should have with God. This book was a fast and easy read. I think both adults and older youth will enjoy reading a true story of courage and trust.